Chembur Gymkhana

Donor, Associate and Senior Citizen Membership Closed w.e.f 04/05/2012.

Chembur Gymkhana
Now in its 65th year, The Chembur Gymkhana began as an humble institution in 1947.

Currently spread over 13000 square meters, the Gymkhana offers a wonderful mix of sporting and recreational activities. Over 4000 members avail of the facilities on offer.

Activities at Chembur Gymkhana are spread over two Phase with the picturesque ground straddling the two buildings.


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Almost every imaginable sporting and recreational facilities are on offer at the Gymkhana. State of the art Badminton. squash courts, flood lite tennis courts, air-conditioned Table tennis room, a vibrant Gymnasium, ozonized swimming pool and health club dot the precincts of the Gymkhana.

For recreation there are restaurants and bars at both the Phase. In addition there are innumerable function halls to cater to varying needs of the members. In addition there a total of 17 residential rooms for the benefit of members and their guests.